I kinda forgot I had this page… oops!

Wow … I got a link to a blog from my cousin’s daughter, which linked me to my cousin where I found a link to my brother and on his a link back here to me.    Did that confuse anyone else as bad as it confused me?

Here’s what has happened since the last post I see on here…renthousetorndownandlotcleared, iwentbacktoworkforsonicthengotajobatthecasino, iinvestedinabarandgotalotof$$stolenfromme, momfellandbrokeherhipandspitapplesauceandpainpillsallovermeatthehospitalbutsheisdoingok, igotacquaintedwithPhil’swifebecauseCalebturned21andgotengagedsowehadtoplanawedding, myhousegotbrokenintothreetimesintwomonthssoImovedmyselfandwhatwaslefttoanewplace, Ileftthecasinoandstartedmyownbusinessmakingjamsandsalsasandsellinghomedecoritems, CalebandAmandagotmarriedandmovedintotheupstairsapartmentatthehousewhereIlive. 

If you didn’t get that, well, relax, it was really hard to refrain from hitting the space bar while I was typing, so just appreciate that I summed up about 18 months without taking a breath.

Anyway, maybe I’ll get it together and start my ramblings on here again.  It just might be theraputic, though probably not highly educational for anyone.

Have a great Tuesday, ya’ll!


It’s About Reunion Time Again!!

It’s getting right down to the line on reunion again.   Final nose counts are being taken so food and lodging appropriate for the crowd can be planned.  If you have not put your name in the bucket, get in touch with Donna ASAP!!  The reunion is at Lake Eufaula, with the nearest town being Checotah.  Hope to see everyone there!  You can look at the previous post for more detail on where the camp site is.

Here is information and links for 2009 Reunion


We are happy to let you know, we’ve picked a 2009 Reunion site and reserved it. This year I have been making the arrangements for our family reunion, this is a “first” for me, however, Penny, my daughter will be helping me. She has several years experience making individual and group vacation travel arrangements, so I should have good backup to set me in the right direction if I experience any difficulty, and also sisters who I’m counting on to let me know if I omit or forget something.

Donna and John volunteered to stop by the Park last October when they were coming to Oklahoma to visit family and visited the facility for me (the Park camp is just 14 miles south off I 40), saved me a trip to check it out. They took several pictures of the facility and reported it would be a nice place for our reunion this coming summer.


Date(s): June 25, 2009 to June 28, 2009 Check in time, any time after 2:00 pm, Thursday

Check out before 12:00 pm, noon, Sunday

Location: Lake Eufaula State Park

Picken’s Group Camp Area Phone: (918) 689-5311

Hwy 69 and Hwy 150 Toll free: (800) 654-8240

Checotah, OK 74426

LESP@ecewb.com www.touroklahoma.com select Conferences Reunions & Groups on the left side of the page, and scroll down to Lake Eufaula State Park for more information about the park. There is a map of the park you can open, the map has a legend to view. You can also view a few pictures of the park area, there is a picture of the kitchen/dinning hall (the large rustic looking building), one picture of the group cabins(also rustic), and one of Picken’s Lake, a small private lake for group camp users.

Old family videos…

In the last few ‘snow days’, I’ve been making my way through a box of videos that found their way to my house with mom’s papers.  I’ve seen clips of some pretty cool stuff.  One has us all at mom and dad’s the day Caleb and I arrived back from Adak.  Remember those water balloon slingshots?  Russ would hold the handles and Caleb would pull the pocket back and shoot Russ in the butt.  Alysse is about 18 months old and sitting in that little red rocking chair laughing her head off every time Caleb would thwack Russ in the tail.   Then Caleb holds the handles and wants Russ to shoot HIM in the rear… thwack and over on his face he goes.  LOL 

Then there is a tape that has everyone together at Gary and Carla’s place in Blanchard for Dad’s 75th birthday.   Looking back at it, you see Judy and Paul Magar and realize nobody knew that would be the last big family event with them.  Ned’s 80th birthday video is there… I’d forgotten that Dick, Jim, Daddy and Bruce all got in the RV with Gene and Reedie and made a road trip out to New Mexico.  There’s video of them sitting around singing “Wild Hog”, “Little Red Barn”, and those old songs we grew up hearing, with Cloyd playing the guitar.   Again, you start looking at these videos and realize everyone is gone.

I’m trying to find the right cable to transfer the videos from the VCR into my laptop so I can put them on DVD to preserve them.  If I get it figured out, I’ll post some video on here for every to share the memories.  “Quillo quee QUAIIIIII”  It would be wonderful for our kids to be able to see some of this stuff and learn some of the old songs to keep that part of our ‘heritage’ alive.

I’m putting some photos up that I took the day of Uncle Dick’s funeral.  A big group of us met at Aunt Reedie’s and took some pictures, then went to Rick and Ronda’s afterward.  Enjoy!


Ice In Muskogee 1-27-09

EEEEK…He turned 20!

Well, I no longer have a teenager.  He turned 20 yesterday and we did it up with a noisy party with friends.  Wish everyone could have been here!

Rock On!!

Rock On!!

Going through boxes of mom’s papers…

Well, I made sure I took a pill for depression this morning and waded back into the clippings.  Whew…  Surprisingly, what I am feeling is more of a nostalgia than sadness this time.  I have avoided anything to do with her things because it always has felt like that would be acknowledging that she is not going to get better.  That may seem strange, but as long as someone is alive, it seems wrong to be doing things that are usually a part of the grieving process after a death. 

This memory page is going to be an outlet for me to share some of the feelings related to muddling through the long process  that has been referred to by some as “the long goodbye”.    I hope you will enjoy checking in to see what I’ve dug up and discovered about mom that is either a reminder of something forgotten or a real discovery of something I never knew or realized.

This is how it begins.  Yesterday, Russ arrived with 11 boxes of paper clippings, which I understand is just the beginning of what is left to go through.  I picked the smallest one (about 1′ x 1′ square) and dug in.  Three hours later, I was only about half way through it, with about 10 clippings in the ‘keepers’ stack, and the rest in a black trash bag.  If it was ALL recipes, or ALL obits, or ALL Ann Landers/Dear Abby columns, that would be easy…  However, there are all sorts of things mixed together, and I find myself stopping to look at what she underlined, or reading a poem she clipped out, or reading the headlines (OKC Bombing front page and articles, or the high speed chase that killed two officers and the kids they were chasing the wrong way up the interstate at 110 mph, or the clippings about a classmate of mine being involved in a road rage incident that killed his ex wife and most of her new family…), all completely random until you look at the big picture.

My conclusion after this first little box is that mom was truely a brilliant and complex woman.  We all know she was a single ‘career’ woman back when that wasn’t really the fashionable thing to do.  She gave herself completely to whatever she was involved in, yet she was the ULTIMATE QUEEN of multi-task.  She met daddy in October, married him in January, built a house, learned to be a step-mom to a 10 year old who’d recently lost his own mother, and gave birth to three babies of her own – all of this long before her 4th anniversary.  Whew… anyone want to compete with that?  LOL

I’ve set aside some of the recipes that she’d typed off onto cards or written out for her recipe box, and will share them here.  Also, a few of the ‘helpful hints’, poems, etc.   Hopefully you’ll enjoy a journey with me down memory lane.