Here you’ll find those wild and crazy folks we call family. As the saying goes, you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but when it comes to family, sometimes all you get is boogers…. or something like that.

He cooked, she ate, and voila... she lives!

Caleb was cooking himself some pork chops on the grill when Kayla called. When he claimed he could cook, she challenged him to cook her a full steak dinner (potato, salad, dessert…). She still appears healthy, so it looks like the challenge was met. Not sure she got into the dessert (Oreo Fridge Pie), but she survived the body of the meal in good shape. So, it is official, another cooking man has spawned from the Horton lineage.


4 responses to “Family

  1. Caleb can cook?!

  2. But of course! When he was in kindergarten, I’d fixed some ‘convention stew’ for supper one Wednesday before we headed for meeting. Rick and I were in the front seat and Caleb in the back. Someone burped, don’t remember who, and from the back comes the comment, “WHEW!! Garlic!”

    Kinda like Papa used to say about Neeny’s toast… “Katy makes the best toast. Knows just how much to burn it, then just how much to scrape off!” That is the secret to good cooking, don’t ya know?!

  3. Haha!

    I remember when we would spend the weekend at Neeney and Papa’s house and PAPA would make breakfast every morning. And it was THE. SAME. THING. EVERY. TIME. Oatmeal, eggs, bacon, and toast (which he “toasted” in the skillet). It took a little while to get used to everything being fried in bacon grease, but ya know how that goes!

  4. Well the fact that Caleb can cook doesn’t surprize me a bit. That does run in the genes, no pun intended.

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