Totally Random

Whose the MAMA....Here it is… My TOTALLY RANDOM page.  Hopefully it will be a lot of fun to visit and you’ll come back often to catch up, have a chuckle, or even learn a little something new.  With a crowd of 20ish males in and out of the house, you never know what might show up on this page.


11 responses to “Totally Random

  1. Sweet idea! I have a feeling this page will be fuller than any other one. Being a Horton and all….

  2. I’m still trying to figure out how to put some music on here. This page just screams for something silly like Ray Stevens or a good story from Larry the Cable Guy …

  3. I tried it on wordpress but it doesn’t seem to work. You have to buy some space upgrade thingie. Or maybe there’s a way I haven’t fgured out yet….check the FAQs.
    By the way…..RANDOMNESS ROCKS!!!! (so do I….) lol

  4. Thanks for the advice. I actually read all of the wordpress FAQ related to putting up music, and I followed that last link, Alysse. Did everything down to the letter. Here’s what happened.

    You saw the blue bar it put on my post yesterday. Problem is if you click to pull up the playlist, it takes you off site. The POINT was to have music playing ONsite while you are browsing my blog. The only way to do it on wordpress is to open it, get the playlist going, then open another browser window and just let the playlist run in the background. Too much of a pain. I may (LATER) put this blog on another site that is more gadget friendly.

  5. Uncle John & Aunt Donna

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at Eagle Bluff in July. We definitely want to see the Cherokee Drama and hope to get in a lot of “good visiting”. Think we will pass on the Float! I’m just not a “water duck”.

  6. We’re looking for a new bathing suit for Neeny. She IS a waterbug, and will probably at least be knee deep at some point. 😀 It will be all hands on deck to keep an eye on her this year with all the goings on. I think she’d really enjoy the tours, museum and the play, but not at all certain if she can stay focused and stay put long enough for the play. Crowds and noise are two of her nervous triggers. Any thoughts? Possibly a good idea for her to ‘help babysit’ back at the lodge for the play portion of the day, especially if she has been on the move all day. She will be worn completely out.

  7. If you DO move your blog, I suggest moving it to blogger/blogspot.

  8. I think this qualifies as “totally random”. Your son has influenced our brothers. When I say influenced, I mean like bad influenced!!
    The other day, Connor rubbed Old Spice deoderant all over his brand new jacket, “because it smelled like fish guts”. Mom threw it out in the garage because it made the whole house smell like…. like deoderant. Very strong deoderant. A few days later, the boys ran inside yelling “We got Caleb smell!! Yeah!!!” I guess the jacket, after sitting in the garage for 2 days accumulated “Caleb Smell”. Don’t ask. Almost scary….I never remembered Caleb smelling like that!! lol Just thought you might enjoy that!! I found it quite…entertaining!

  9. LOL… Caleb always smells good, but not sure if it’s old spice. Gotta say Old Spice would be better than fish guts, tho… :O And yeah, that story fits perfect on the official ‘random’ page.

  10. They obviously thought Caleb smelled good too!! 🙂 Anything is better than fish guts, but I’m still wondering why they covered the thing in deoderant instead of washing it!! Sigh…Boys will be boys!! lol

  11. Mom didn’t put it out..I DID! He keeped moving it to different spots in the house trying to make the WHOLE house smell “like Caleb”.
    Love you Caleb, but I didn’t realize you stunk so bad!!

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