Somebody’s knockin’, should I let him in? Lord, it’s a ….!

In the wee hours of my morning, this fine Monday (which is, remember, my WEDNESDAY!), I woke up.  Hmmmm, guess I must need to go to the bathroom, because I’m NOT into waking up in the ‘wee hours’.  As I returned to my room, I hear a THUMP outside.  Well, boogers!!  Sounds like the coons are after my trash can again.  Oh well, I’m getting used to that part of life in the country after picking up trash on a regular basis.  ((Any single, independent welder types out there that are looking for a wife?  I might consider marrying you if you have all your teeth and will build me a critter proof cage for my dang trash cans.))  Anyway, I am just getting cozy again when THUMP…thump thump THUMP.  Hmm, this might be more than just a trash raid by the local wildlife.  So, I get up and look out my window.  Nothing.  Creep down the LONNNNNG hall.  Nothing.  Through the living room, dining room and kitchen.  Nothing.  Into the master bath and look out the window there.  Nothing.  Back out into the canning kitchen and as I pass the back door, THUMPTHUMPTHUMPTHUMPTHUMP… !!  Eeek!  It just goes on and on and on.  So, I muster up a good holler ((it goes something like this – GET ON OUTTA HYEAH!!!)) to let loose, grab the door knob and throw on the back light.  Thank goodness I didn’t let go of the holler because, there on the step on his hind legs, just scratching and thumping away at my back glass door, was a baby skunk.  We checked each other out a few seconds while he continued his assault on my door.  I quietly turned off the light and softly shut the door and returned to my room, hoping the only smells I encounter today when I do trash roundup #32,847 is the smell of dirty diapers that won’t burn in my barrel.   Happy Monday (Wednesday) everybody, or whatever day of YOUR week it is!!  May the skunks leave your trash unmolested and your house unscented.


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