Thank you, Judy!!

Today, being my “Sunday” (meaning I am at the end of my two days off and go back to work tomorrow), I pulled out a random box of mom’s stuff to take another stab at de-clutter-ifying.  Took two recipes to the kitchen to be ‘tried out’, put bits of information into Family Tree from scrap notes, sorted two piles of printouts from her computer (ancestor trees) to be gone over to make sure I have all the information in MY tree before I toss the piles.  It’s a little hard to do this because seeing her handwriting brings a picture of Mom to my mind, doing what she loved the most – family research.  I don’t want any of this to be lost, but it is a lot of repetition, the same information printed out time after time, with notes jotted everywhere.  One of those notes may be something new and different that fills in a missing bit on my tree, so I go over every page, using a purple marker to dot everything I’ve entered.  Sometimes I smile at a little story she’d heard and written down, or go back in my mind to places we have lived when I come across where she’s noted addresses or little notes about the neighbors here and there.  It’s a fun but exhausting journey.

Also, today my cousin Judy popped into my head.  Actually, that is how I found my way back to this blog.  Twenty years ago this month (Jan 14, 1992), we were living in Chicago (actually Zion, IL) when mom called to tell me that Judy and Paul had been killed in  plane crash.  I really don’t know why I thought of them today, but I googled their names and re-read information on the crash and some articles that were put out ten years after the crash.  When I googled them, this blog popped up, because the last post before today mentioned them in some old video stuff I was looking at and talking about.  Strange how things come about.  So, 20 years after she died, my beautiful, loud, funny cousin Judy brought me back to my abandoned blog.  Thanks, cuz!


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