July 4th … Look out Arkansas, I think!

Ok, it’s time for me to get serious about exactly WHAT I’m gonna do for the weekend of the 4th.  For the last umbajillion years, that has kinda been the standing weekend for the Hesson/Trimmer reunion (mom’s side of the house).  This year, that fell through at the last minute.  That leaves me with three options still open:  Stay in Muskogee and go enjoy Danneil’s pool… hmm..tempting.  No gas money, my own bed at night, and a pool.   Oklahoma City to Redbud, which would be awesome, seeing all the OKC friends.  Or third, the NW Arkansas get together, which I’ve never gotten to attend yet, although I see pictures and hear stories that sound very appealing, plus, that is where my family is all going… so I believe camping out in NW Arkansas fields with friends and family is probably gonna be the winner.

And the next decision on the agenda has to do with getting all my business stuff up and running.  When to head out for parts NW, (we aren’t talkin’ Arkansas this time) … like SERIOUSLY northwest US … Oregon to be exact.   I am pulling legs and twisting arms on everyone I know between here and there to set up a line of parties going up, and hopefully schedule another line and party my way back home, too.  

Stay tuned while I argue with myself about when to schedule THAT trip!


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