I kinda forgot I had this page… oops!

Wow … I got a link to a blog from my cousin’s daughter, which linked me to my cousin where I found a link to my brother and on his a link back here to me.    Did that confuse anyone else as bad as it confused me?

Here’s what has happened since the last post I see on here…renthousetorndownandlotcleared, iwentbacktoworkforsonicthengotajobatthecasino, iinvestedinabarandgotalotof$$stolenfromme, momfellandbrokeherhipandspitapplesauceandpainpillsallovermeatthehospitalbutsheisdoingok, igotacquaintedwithPhil’swifebecauseCalebturned21andgotengagedsowehadtoplanawedding, myhousegotbrokenintothreetimesintwomonthssoImovedmyselfandwhatwaslefttoanewplace, Ileftthecasinoandstartedmyownbusinessmakingjamsandsalsasandsellinghomedecoritems, CalebandAmandagotmarriedandmovedintotheupstairsapartmentatthehousewhereIlive. 

If you didn’t get that, well, relax, it was really hard to refrain from hitting the space bar while I was typing, so just appreciate that I summed up about 18 months without taking a breath.

Anyway, maybe I’ll get it together and start my ramblings on here again.  It just might be theraputic, though probably not highly educational for anyone.

Have a great Tuesday, ya’ll!


3 responses to “I kinda forgot I had this page… oops!

  1. Rambling

    See there’s my chant/vote for what I want from you. RAMBLING!!!!

    Oooh, and could you throw in a funny story or two 🙂

  2. Um, where is the rambling WOMAN!

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